DeadPool Test Footage Leaked

With all the rumors swirling about Ryan Reynolds’s involvement in a Deadpool movie, I was hesitant as to what it would be like. If they picked up from the Wolverine where Wade Wilson had those swords coming out of his arms? Uh…no thanks! I’ll thanks! I’ll pass.
Deadpool is known as ‘The Merc with a mouth’, where he doesn’t even know his own origin story. He frequently breaks the 4th wall in the comics and that is what I want. I want funny, I want action and I want Deadpool to talk to the audience.
The leaked test footage has what I want. If the entire movie is like what the test footage shows, I will watch the movie, multiple times, in theaters.
I truly believe that this is the movie that Ryan Reynolds is meant for. He is the only one I can think of that can pull off the random and smartass remarks Deadpool is known for.
Please make this movie as quickly as possible, because it’s the only one I look forward to.
It has been confirmed that Fox will film Deadpool, with a release date of February 12, 2016film Deadpool, with a release date of February 12, 2016
It hasn’t even been filmed yet and it’s already the best action movie Ryan Reynolds has ever stared in!



Based on the book by Joe Hill, this follows Ig, played by Daniel Radcliffe, as he goes through a metamorphosis as he is accused of murdering his love interest, Merrin, played by Juno Temple.


As horns sprout from Ig’s head, he notices that he manages to bring out the worst in people as he tries to find out who killed Merrin. Set to be released this October 31, Halloween, it’s definitely worth watching.

Wil Wheaton Project Cancelled by Syfy

Syfy finally say’s Shut up Wesley as it was  announced today the series described as “Talk Soup for geeks” The Wil Wheaton Project won’t be back for a second season. Wil Wheaton Project Cancelled by SyfyWheaton broke the news of the cancellation via a post on, in which the Star Trek: The Next Generation alum/Big Bang Theory guest star writes that the network’s executives “just didn’t think we had enough viewers to justify more episodes.” A Syfy rep confirmed today that the series is cancelled. Wheaton goes on to state that the series garnered ratings “on par with The Soup” but a lack of promotion and the show’s summer debut — when TV viewership is down overall — likely were among the factors in Syfy’s decision. Still, the Wheaton  maintains that he is “okay” with the state of affairs and thanks everyone who watched the show. He also made a final plea to fans: “Oh, and let me just stop this before it starts: We nerds have a penchant for letter-writing campaigns and stuff to try and save shows we like. Please don’t do that here. It’s not going to happen, and we should instead put that energy into something else, like getting #butts to trend.” Did you really expect Wil to tell the truth and say the show sucked? That he has the hosting talent of a potted plant? Now Syfy can run some  ShamWow commercials in its place and get 10 times the ratings. Goodbye and shut the hell up Wesley!

David Yates In Talks For Harry Potter Spin-Off

Warner Brothers is retaining Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows director David Yates as the studio david yates Fantastic Beastsmoves ahead with the film adaptation of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Yates is in talks to direct the first installment of a planned trilogy based on author J.K. Rowling’s spin-off, which takes place decades prior to the events of the Harry Potter books. Fantastic Beasts takes its name from a Hogwarts textbook that appears on a reading list in the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone, and will boast magical creatures and characters from the Potter mythology including the textbook’s fictitious author, Newt Scamander. Warner Brothers has already set a November 18, 2016 date for the film which Rowling will make her screenwriting debut on.

I suppose it was only my wishful thinking that had me believing we had finally seen the last of the Potter world. I guess J.K. Rowling is hurting for money or needs to get back in the spotlight. I wish she would keep to her word and be done with the Potter world once and for all.