105-year-old man sets world cycling record

If you are a couch potato did you recently set a New Year’s resolution about getting more exercise? Have you already quit? If you think it’s too tough to get off the couch and do some exercise I want to tell you the story of Robert Marchand.

You see Robert Marchand is a 105-year-old French cyclist who recently set an hour world record by completing a 22.547-kilometer bike ride just a few months after celebrating his 105th birthday. He truly is a remarkable man and shows you that anything is possible regardless of your age.

Marchand actually holds another record which is for those over 100 years of age said he wasn’t trying to break a record he was just wanting to show people that regardless of what their age is our physical condition anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Born in 1911 Robert Marchand began his life as an avid cyclist but didn’t return to the sport until the early 1990s. He primarily rides his bike on the weekends and frequents the gym every day. I must say this commitment and even his physical appearance is something he has me beat on and I’m only 38 years old.

Congratulations on your world record, Mr. Marchand!

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