ABC Shelves Counter Culture Because Of Delta Burke’s Injury


It looks like actress Delta Burke is gonna have to wait a bit longer if she’s serious about actually returning to TV because ABC has decided to shelve her comedy after she suffered an injury from a fall on set.61165094

As we reported earlier Delta Burke fell last week during pre-shoots just days before the scheduled pilot episode was to be shot in front of a live studio audience. Producers had been hoping that Delta Burke would be able to make a speedy recovery allowing for the pilot to be shot prior to deadlines but unfortunately that did not happen and shooting will now likely not take place until after network upfronts.

Counter Culture is a comedy that follows three aging sisters who run a family diner together in West Texas. They often find that sibling dynamics are getting in the way of getting their jobs done. Burke had been cast to play Nonie, one of the three sisters also cast were Margo Martindale, Briga Heelan and Doris Roberts.

Hopefully, Delta Burke recovers soon and they’re able to make the deadline for the upfronts.

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