Adam Sandler To Remake Summer School


Summer-School-Movie-300x225Adam Sandler and the production company owns Happy Madison have decided to remake the 1987 the Summer School for Paramount. If you don’t remember the original film starred Mark Harmon, Courteny Thorne- Smith, and Kirstie Alley. It followed Mark Harmon as a gym teacher who had to cancel his big summer plans in order to teach an English class for summer school a summer school filled with a bunch of weird teenagers.

Were told that Paramount actually has been trying to remake this film for the last seven years but just never got enough steam behind it.

We’re told there is a good possibility that Adam Sandler will not be starring in this film his production companies putting out but will in all likelihood take on a very small role. The starring job will fall to one of Adam Sandler’s friends/lackeys Kevin James or Rob Schneider.

I wasn’t a fan of this film but first time around and it’s not really one film that springs to mind when you think of 80’s films deserving of the remake. This could just be a sign to moviegoers everywhere that Hollywood has officially ran out of new ideas.

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