Ailing Charles Manson wants more kids

The family of hippie-era cult leader Charles Manson is planning on suing the state of California in order to allow the 82-year-old architect of the 1969 Tate-LaBianca massacres to donate and save his sperm so that he can continue to father children even after death.

If you remember last week Manson was admitted into a California hospital in grave condition but has since been returned to the prison infirmary. Apparently, the relationship between Charles Manson and his former fiancé Afton “Star” Burton is back on with the 29-year-old wanting to give birth to a Manson offspring.

I think after fathering four kids Charles Manson has had enough kids and none of which should get access to his DNA. In all probability, this is just another stunt to get Manson some publicity since that seems to be the only thing he truly desires. 

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