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Amanda Bynes Hits Cop Car And Is Arrested for DUI

April 6, 2012


amanda-bynes-mugshotActress Amanda Bynes was arrested early this morning on suspicion of driving under the influence after allegedly hitting a LAPD patrol car while driving down the road.

"A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy in a marked black and white radio car, was stopped at the intersection of N/B Robertson Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard preparing to turn right onto Santa Monica Boulevard," an official statement reads.

"When a black BMW driven by actress Amanda Bynes attempted to pass to the right of the radio car, colliding with the right rear quarter panel of the radio car."

26-year-old Amanda Bynes allegedly hit the cop car and 3:00 AM and then was subsequently booked at 5:04 AM. She is being held on $5000 bail.

Ironically, just one month ago Amanda tweeted, "Live fast die young bad girls do it well!

Lesson learned here is if you are a celebrity and have been drinking spend a couple bucks and make sure you have a driver because it will pay off in the long.

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