Amanda Bynes Involved In Another Hit And Run

Amanda Bynes was involved in another hit-and-run and a Hollywood this weekend but thankfully she didn’t had a cop again and this time she seemed to be sober after time as well.amanda-bynes-car-crash

A man claims that the actress sideswiped him in her Range Rover while she was trying to ask him on the right on a Los Angeles street when she failed to stop the man called the cops and followed her. When he finally caught up to the Range Rover he discovered that the driver was none other than Amanda Bynes herself.

Amanda Bynes told the police that she had no idea that she struck another vehicle which the police believe to be possible since there always seem to be a miniscule amount of damage to her vehicle. Police officials say that Amanda was very cooperative with police and exchanged information with the driver. No tickets were issued and please will longer be investigating the case beyond filing the initial report for insurance purposes.

Just last month Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI after the actress clipped a cop car and she’s been basically been on a nonstop party lifestyle ever said. Perhaps it’s time Bynes hired herself a professional driver since she clearly has issues safely navigating the streets either that or get herself a smaller car so she stops to hitting other vehicles.

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