AMC’s Walking Dead Introduces New Character

Last night was the finale of season two of The Walking Dead on AMC and if you didn’t see it what the heck is wrong with you? Anyway, to all my television taste challenged readers last night the show introduced my favorite character from the comic book series Michonne. For those you who haven’t read the comics by Robert Kirkma, Michonne is a sword wielding bad ass .

Michonne is going to be played by Danai Gurira. Last night on the walking dead they only really teased her character but I assure you she will be playing a big part in season three and you’ll see just how bad ass this character is assuming the folks over at The Walking Dead even remotely letter character resemble the one depicted in the comic book series. Unfortunately AMC has not yet set a return date for season three of The Walking Dead But as soon as we find out, I’ll be sure to pass that information on to you.

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