And the Two New X-Factor Judges Are

Sources close to the show X Factor tell us that Simon Cowell is zeroing in on replacements for Paula Abdul and Nicole Schweitzer and word is going to our source the new judges will be none other than Janet Jackson and LeAnn Rimes!

Simon Cowell hasn't made an official offer to either of the musicians however both have reportedly had long discussions and have gotten far enough along where payment is said to be being negotiated. Simon however has a lot of work to do because in addition to replacing the US judges he's going to have to also now replace UK judge Kelly Rowland after she announced she is quitting the show to focus on her solo career in the United States.

Rumors have been circling the net for the last few weeks with even Britney Spears and Vanessa Hudgins reportedly been in the mix. Simon Cowell will be doing a conference call with reporters today so you can expect some more news and possibly a definitive answer about the judges in just a few hours.

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