Andy Griffith passes away at age 86

557829_416303051747142_1688945158_nYesterday, the world truly lost a great man. Andy Griffith who is probably most famous for playing Sheriff Andy Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show passed away yesterday at the age of 86.

I will always remember Andy Griffith and his fictional town of Mayberry has being such a wholesome show and a place that I wish all cities could strive to be like. I also admire Andy Griffith for his strong spiritual beliefs and the standard in which he held anything he appeared in.

It seems that a good chunk of our childhood memories are passing away.This year most notably with Andy Griffith and earlier this year with the death of George Lindsey who played Goober Pyle on the show.

I’m told Andy Griffith was buried the same day he died without being embalmed. Hopefully, there is some type of memorial for those who wish to say goodbye to such a beloved man who happened to be a television star and gospel singer.

Rest in peace Andy Griffith I for one am going to miss you.

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