Anne Hathaway On 500 Calorie a Day Crash Diet


anne-hathaway00121No wonder women today have body image issues. Anna Hathaway has been ordered to drop as much weight as possible in the next 20 days for her role in the movie Les Miserables by its director. Now I understand that they want her to look unhealthy for her death scene but could make a CGI or something?

They put the Devil Wears Prada star on a 500 calorie a day diet in which she consumes two apples and a protein shake along with an extreme appetite suppressant pill. Those working on the show say she’s not any danger because she’s under a physician’s care who is doing weekly medical checks on her. Haven’t these people ever heard of ketosis? I just hope she doesn’t permanently damage her liver or any of our other internal organs.

These days of losing all this way for role is just ridiculous considering the advancements in CGI technology. I was against it back when Christian Bale did it for the Machinist and I’m against it now because it’s just foolish to sacrifice your long-term health for a movie role. I mean she’s already a size 2 before this crash diet isn’t that skinny enough order they need her to get all the way down to let’s say a zero. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to anorexia or any serious health issues.

I think I may just boycott this movie just because I support real women and this dumb crash diet is just hurting the progress made in Hollywood of trying to get real women for roles instead of women who are skinny as a pole.

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