Anne Meara passes away at age 85

The newspapers today might read Ben Stiller’s Mother or Jerry Stiller’s wife passed away, but I feel Anne Meara deserves more respect than to be referred to that way. Anne was an amazing person and a very talented actress who should be remembered for her accomplishments not who she was related to.

Meara, who was also a comedienne, had recurring roles on shows such as The King of Queens and Sex and the City and often appeared with her family on screen. She passed away on Saturday and details were provided as to the cause of her death. In addition to Jerry and Ben, she is survived by daughter Amy and several grandchildren.

The publicist released the following statement: “The Stiller family is deeply saddened to share the beloved Anne Meara passed away last night at the age of 85,” Ben’s rep said in a statement on Sunday. “She is survived by her husband and partner in life Jerry Stiller. The two were married for 61 years and worked together almost as long.”

Anne will live on via all the laughs she gave us and her philanthropy work. RIP you dear sweet lady.

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