Any woman starring in a film with Leonardo DiCaprio must first do a nude screen test

Leonardo DiCaprio has definitely figured out the perks of being a major film star because he reportedly demands any woman appearing opposite him on camera to audition wearing lingerie and when she does her screen test it must be performed in the nude.leonardo-dicaprio-makes-actresses-get naked

This is why so many actors try so hard to become A listers so that they can call the shots in their films regardless of how crazy are demeaning it may seem to others.  I must say though over the past two years Leonardo DiCaprio is really starting to find his niche in films. I would honestly compare him to Johnny Depp only Leonardo DiCaprio has a lot less range with his acting.

I’m sure most top actresses will probably avoid doing a movie with Leonardo but I can just imagine how many desperate actresses will humiliate themselves just to get a movie role in a major motion picture. I bet pretty soon we start hearing rumors about Lindsay Lohan and possibly even Kate Gosselin trying their best to get a shot on a Leonardo DiCaprio movie.

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