Are Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher Getting Back Together

The Internet is abuzz with what our sources are calling no more than a fictional story about Demi Moore attempting to reconcile with Ashton Kutcher because she allegedly misses him. We've talked to quite a few people close to Demi and they all say this story is 100% false. After all running back into the arms of a man who cheated on you is exactly the type of self-esteem building techniques they teach you in a high dollar rehab facility right?

I have no doubt after my conversation with people close to her that Demi definitely is over Ashton and whoever is putting this story out there about how she is still completely infatuated with him is doing so for whatever payment they can get from a tabloid looking for story are in the case of a few tabloids which I will not name here there is no source and it's just a completely made up report to increase readership.

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