Arrest Warrant issued for former CSI Star

Ex CSI star Gary Dourdan is a wanted man. No were not talking about a television show or movie it seems the trouble prone actor missed a mandatory court hearing in his domestic violence case so the judge chose to issue an arrest warrant for Dourdan. If the former CSI star doesn’t surrender himself to the court very soon he could end up going back behind bars. Gary Dourdan arrested for domestic violence

Right now you’re told that Dourdan has been working on some type of project in Morocco and according to his attorneys he was not able to make his scheduled flight from Frankfurt and time to make his pretrial hearing earlier this morning.

To make matters worse for Gary Dourdan his own lead attorney John Markham was also a no-show due to him attending his son’s graduation today at Columbia Law school. The special attorney that took Markham’s place that the trouble after his flight should arrive at LAX at 12:45 PM local time and his client should be in court immediately after.

The judge issued a warrant for failure to appear but he has until 2:30 PM today to appear in court are he will be drawn back in jail. If you call back in November Dourdan was arrested and booked on felony battery charges after his ex-girlfriend Nicole Vail Cannizzaro told the police that she and Dourdan got into an argument and it escalated to the point that the CSI star allegedly punched her in the face and broke her nose.

Gary Dourdan  has maintained his innocence since he was originally arrested. This however is not the only thing in his life that Dourdan is having problems with. Ever since he left his role of Warrick Brown on the original CSI back in 2008 the actor has battled drug problems in which he was arrested for and serious financial problems as well.

Hopefully, he gets his act together and doesn’t put himself in any more situations where law enforcement has to get involved. I personally believe the best thing for him right now would probably be rehab and anger management classes but he has to be the one to make that choice.

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