BBC’s Sherlock vs CBS’s Elementary

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Sherlock made a big splash with it’s US debut and with its quick following. There were many who wanted to cash in with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work. The movie with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law (Not really what I wanted to discuss but worth mentioning). Moffat’s Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman and now CBS’s Elementary with Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu.

Before you say anything about which version (TV that is) is supreme, please my darlings, read the books. Anything placed on screen pretty much has ‘artistic license’ from the script writers and directors. Moving on.

Sherlock pretty much stuck to the all boy’s club save for Mrs. Hudson. Same song and dance, just a modern time frame. And like it’s predecessors it was a win. Drama and intrigue was riveting, the actors were eye candy for the ladies and I imagine the men were drawn to the whole ‘could I be as observant as Sherlock?’ aspect.

Kudos for that. Here’s my issue with this. Exactly how many episodes are in the season? Oh, right, Three! Yes they were longer than we’re used to, but still. Three! When’s the next season going to air? One year. Thanks a lot, BBC. I could blame Moffat, but that would just be transference hate from Doctor Who.

I love the dynamic of Cumberbatch and Freeman, it has gay overtones but that could just be because they’re British. Or, you know, intentional gay overtones, who knows anymore!

Elementary gives a twist that is definitely shocking. Once I heard that the US was giving a go at the investigator I was intrigued. Then I got wind that Watson was going to be a woman. I was stunned, and overjoyed at something old but with a fresh perspective. Then it was announced that the main characters were going to be played by Miller and Liu. I was flabbergasted, movie actors on the small screen? I was lured into the changes. New York, not London. Joan not John. Gasp! The acknowledgement that, hey, women are doctors too!

I was flipping out! Would this work? I tuned in. That’s how they got their claws into me. There were more than three episodes and I would only wait a few months rather than a year for more fresh episodes. Now with most shows that cast with man/woman leads they always go for the sexual tension. I was supremely happy that the writers didn’t go for that. There was a camaraderie but the idea of Liu’s Watson with Miller’s Holmes in the horizontal mambo was absolutely laughable. I hope that the writers continue in this direction.

What came across was the beginning of a symbiotic relationship. In a rather subconscious way they were pushing each other to become a better version of themselves.


Sherlock is now continuing with it’s third season. While Elementary was picked up for it’s second season.

My personal choice is Elementary mostly because it give me quite a lot more to go on. But I do enjoy both. Don’t be mistaken, and those who shout from the sidelines ‘choose’!’…um….no.


It’s not when you get there, it’s how. Until next time, my dears.

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