Beyoncé Thinks Fake Pregnancy Rumors Were Crazy

Beyoncé and most of America had heard the claims that Beyoncé was faking her pregnancy and finally the musician and new mom herself is speaking out against these ridiculous rumors.

"That was crazy," the 30-year-old Beyoncé told people magazine when she talked about all the Internet rumors that she used a surrogate to carry and deliver hers and Jay-Z’s first child together."It wasn’t hurtful, it was just crazy. [I thought] ‘Where did they come up with this?’"beyonce-blue-ivy

Beyoncé also thought that the rumor that she wore a prosthetic baby bump which seem to deflate when she sat down during Australian TV show appearance. That rumor seem to spiral out of control and it was all the gossip sites could talk about for the better part of week when it occurred.

"It was a fabric that folded—does fabric not fold?," Beyoncé shot back. "Oh my gosh, so stupid."

Despite all the crazy rumors about her pregnancy Beyoncé has said all of the love and well wishes from her fans all across the world has allowed her to get over it and not allowed to upset her very much.

Can you believe it’s already been three months since little Blue Ivy was born? Over time I’m sure the crazy rumors will stop but I know it comes with the territory of being a celebrity. Best wishes to the entire family and especially to the child Blue Ivy.

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