Big Bang Theory Nabs Leonard Nimoy

The Big Bang Theory has nabbed in most logical cameo from actor Leonard Nimoy but there's a twist. Nimoy who played the iconic Spock on Star Trek will make his debut on the show on March 29 but he will be heard and not seen. Reportedly Nimoy will speak to Sheldon (Jim Parsons) as Spock in a dream sequence.

If you recall Sheldon's obsession with Nimoy has actually been a reoccurring theme on the show. The two best examples that spring to mind were when Penny gave him a napkin autographed by Nimoy for Christmas. Then last month, Sheldon received the life-size cutout of Mr. Spock he ordered in the mail, but was horrified when he discovered it wasn't the Nimoy version he ordered but that Zachary Quinto movie incarnation of Spock.

Will Leonard Nimoy make any future visits to the set? Time will only tell, but hopefully some Spock karma will rub off and allow the show to "Live long and prosper".

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