Bill Nye: Science Guy documentary to hit the big screen


Just call him Bill Nye the movie guy now because PBS and Bill Nye have added a new distribution method for The Science Guy. PBS has acquired the North American distribution rights to Bill Nye: Science Guy documentary that premiered earlier this year at SXSW. Currently, the plan is to give the documentary a significant theatrical release nationwide before premiering on PBS television sometime in 2018.

If you grew up in the 90s you will remember Bill Nye from his long-running Bill Nye The Science Guy PBS television show which focused on teaching kids about science. It aired for five seasons and earned 19 Emmys. Currently, Bill Nye is hosting a show on Netflix called Bill Nye Saves The World, it’s a late-night television style talk show that explores science and how it affects everything from pop culture to politics.

While he may not be an actual scientist the kidding me still is a bit nostalgic when it comes to Bill Nye so I definitely will be checking this documentary out.

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