Bobby Brown Arrested for DUI In LA


164862R&B singer Bobby Brown was arrested in Los Angeles for DUI after police pulled over the singer for allegedly talking on a cell phone while driving.

The last couple months have been kind to the man with this arrest, the death of his ex-wife recording star Whitney Houston and then all the issues with his daughter Bobbi Kristina but there’s no excuse for DUI. Is it really hard to take a taxi to get a designated driver? This is really ridiculous when you consider he’s a celebrity who could easily afford a taxi but instead chose to risk his own life as well as the lives of everyone else on the road.

Bobby Brown has a history of arrests for battery, motor vehicle related offenses and parole violations. I hope if the allegations are true about him really been under the influence that he is made an example of because clearly anyone who drives will under the influence of alcohol or any drug doesn’t care about the well-being of anyone else out on the road.

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