Body of Proof attempts to had Mark Valley of Human Target fame

Body of Proof is in talks to bring in Mark Valley of Human Target fame to fill one of the two roles being added for season three.

Mark Valley body of proofValley was television credits also include Fringe, Boston legal and most recently, Harry’s Law, is in talks to play the role of Detective Tommy Sullivan, who happens to be one of Megan’s former love interests. He transfers into the Philadelphia Police Department in order to win her back. The two will work cases together and have some sexual tension to go along with some openly flirty conversations.

We’re told that at least in the beginning things between the pair aren’t very good so bad in fact that Megan (Dana Delany) is actually upset by the reunion because her ask was quite a bit of a rascal back when they dated which eventually led to a breakup.

Were told that Delany and Valley had a killer screen test together and if Valley takes the role this will be the second time the pair worked together having worked previously on Pasadena back in 2001.

Body of proof is writing off quite a few characters Peter (played by Nicholas Bishop), Bud (John Carrol Lynch) and Sam (Sonja Sohn). Only time will tell how this casting change works out but I’m really a fan of Mark Valley so I hope it boosts the shows ratings.

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