Bones Casts New Recurring Villain

The squints and Booth on Bones have faced the Grave Digger, Gormogon and Booth's old sniper pal Broadsky, however in season seven they will be facing a new kind of villain.

Andrew Leeds has been cast as Christopher Pellant, who will serve as a recurring bad guy throughout Bones season seven. 

Pellant is a super smart computer hacker who is introduced to the show as being under house arrest for shutting down communications for the Department of Defense, putting a lot of soldiers' lives in danger. He's confined to his home and has no Internet access, but he's still able to commit a series of murders.

It's about time we see Bones leaping into the 21st century with its villains, and I am curious to see how this story line plays out. Bones does procedural cases very well,however it's never quite figured out how to handle a long-term villain. Gormogon was cursed by the writers' strike while Broadsky and the Grave Digger showed up so sporadically that they never actually felt like ongoing mysteries, just a series of stand-alone cases.

Leeds has a few television credits, including Matt's evil friend on the first two seasons of FX's Nip/Tuck and, more recently, as a steampunk dueler on a season three episode of Castle.

Bones season seven starts Thursday, November 3 at 9pm on FOX.

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