Britney Spears Final Offer To X Factor

For the past few weeks there have been so many Britney Spears rumors about the star possibly signing on to be part of a TV show next season. After speaking with a very reliable source close to Britney Spears what I can tell you is that Britney is seriously considering joining X Factor but would like at least $12 to $15 million to join the cast and must have an out clause that would allow Britney to leave the show after one season if she's not happy with the show or just wants to make changes in our life.

Word is money isn't the issue; in fact show producers would sign her in a heartbeat even at that $15 million price tag. The current hang-up is the out clause which were told Britney Spears is insisting is a must have. Producer Simon Cowell has been standing firm to requiring a two-year commitment from anyone brought aboard as a judge because he doesn't like having to constantly be worried about shakeups in the show.

I'm told that if Britney Spears does decide to take the job the decision will be announced within the next two weeks. Right now Britney Spears is attempting to decide between X Factor and doing a reoccurring Las Vegas show. She'd much rather do the TV show but regardless of the pay won't sign on unless she's given that much desired opt out clause.

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