Britney Spears is a terrible golfer

At the urging of her fiancé Jason Trawick the newest  judge on the US version of the X factor has taken up golfing much to the dismay of of golfers who frequent the golf courses she’s been frequenting.

Britney Spears golfingApparently Britney has great difficulty hitting the ball and many times she’s lost her grip on the golf club and sent it flying towards golfers in the immediate area. She’s actually managed to hit around seven golfers and land her golf balls into other peoples golf cart instead of making it towards the green.

Many of the people who have went golfing with her have said that she is terrible but improving each time she goes out. The best thing about Britney Spears playing golf they say is it’s entertaining to watch because you never know where the ball or golf club is going to go and once she messes up she pretty much shakes it off by laughing at herself.

Britney Spears isn’t the only celebrity who has recently taken up golfing. Emily Blunt recently took up the game and has become so obsessed that she actually purchased special outfits just to wear out on the golf course. Britney’s ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake is also a golfer and loves again because in a previous interview he said he would rather be a scratch golfer than a pop star.

So word of advice if you find yourself on a golf course and you happen to see Britney Spears you better watch out because there may be incoming objects at any time. You’ve been warned.

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