Brooke Mueller Avoids Going to Jail on drug charges Was a

Some of Charlie Sheen’s luck must’ve rubbed off on his ex-wife Brooke Mueller because she has apparently struck a plea deal that allows her to avoid jail time in her felony drug possession case in Colorado. If that’s not Winning I don’t know what is.

Anyway don’t remember Brooke was arrested back in December after she allegedly got into a fight with a person at a nightclub in Aspen and police found cocaine in her possession. Her lawyer struck her sweetheart deal where in exchange for pleading guilty she gets 12 months’ probation and must continue to undergo her treatment for substance abuse. If she makes a year then all the charges will be totally off a record forever.

Way to go Colorado really shown the world that if you’re rich and famous then you too can avoid doing any serious jail time because after all laws are for poor people…

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