Burger King Issues Apology to Mary J. Blige


Fast food giant Burger King is apologizing to  Mary J. Blige after an advertisement she did for the company garnered the singer some serious backlash from her fans.

Now I have not seen the clip but I’m told the mary-j-blige_WiM3bGcXYxkadvertisement features Blidge soulfully singing about the fast food chains brand-new chicken snack wraps. The video was shared across the Internet on Monday right after being released, and some people in the African-American community got upset and called the advertisement stereotypical. After the backlash Burger King immediately pulled the advertisement over what the company claimed was a music licensing issue.

In a prepared statement, Blige said she understood why fans were upset. She said the ad didn’t come across the way it was planned and she would never put out an unfinished spot,

Burger King has said that the advertisement was prematurely released and the final add will air soon.

With all this fuss over an advertisement I’m going to have to hunt this one down just to see exactly what has everyone so upset. This isn’t a good start for Burger King who’s trying to relaunch and reshape their image and fast food menu.

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