Caitlyn Jenner may be charged with vehicle manslaughter

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has concluded its investigation into the deadly crash involving Caitlyn Jenner and reportedly the Sheriff’s office is recommending vehicular manslaughter charges be filed by the district attorney.

The Sheriff’s Department filed a 161 page report stating that Jenner “set off a chain of events” that led to the death of a motorist on Pacific Coast Highway in February, and the report says Jenner violated the law by traveling at an unsafe speed.

Reportedly Jenner was actually traveling under the speed limit but too fast for road conditions that day. The report states that traffic was either stopped or just our new move when Jenner slammed into the Lexis in front of her.

The case will be presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office next week and if charged and convicted the sentence carries up to one year in jail.

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