Can Smash Still Be A Smash For NBC



The bigwigs at NBC Universal will definitely be paying extra close attention this weeks Smash ratings as the show about the production of a Marilyn Monroe Broadway musical goes into its third episode. Sources tell us this is the episode that will determine whether the freshman NBC television show continues or becomes another casualty in the long line of disappointing NBC overhyped disappointments.
Smash stars Anjelica Huston and Katharine McPhee, premiered with much fanfare and my ratings the Monday following this year's Super Bowl. Along with the popular music show The Voice, it seemed poised to give NBC's long-troubled prime-time lineup something finally to brag about. However in week two, the Smash saw its audience shrink by 26%, and did a 2.8 rating, in the all-important category of viewers 18 to 49 years old but it still managed to outdraw  CBS's Hawaii Five-O and help NBC win Monday night.
It is impossible  Smash will there be another 25% falloff this week, or will the show plateau?. What happens now “is a very important factor in determining what happens next with the series. Were told that NBC reportedly spent around $7 million on the Smash pilot alone and another $10 million just to promote the show in addition to nearly $4 million an episode all with the hopes that they will develop a second breakout hit to run with The Voice, and finally getting out of the ratings basement.
Word is that NBC is willing to accept no lower than a 2.0 rating for this show and in the past they have been known to pull the plug early if a show is performing but one has to believe NBC will be a little looser with the leash on this show due to the insane amount of money they have sunk into it pretty much guaranteeing at least a second season. Whatever the case may be sources tell us that some people associate with the show are worried that Smash may lose a large chunk of its audience before the big payoff in episode four. Only time will tell if Smash lives up to its name for NBC.

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