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Doctor Who Star Billie Piper Pregnant


Looks like former Doctor Who Star Billie Piper will be giving a new companion to her oldest child 3 year old Winston. Piper has announced she’s 15 weeks pregnat with Her and husband actor Laurence Fox’s second child. Piper is…

Comedian Patrice O’Neal Sufferers A Stroke


Stand-up comedian Patrice O’Neal has suffered a stroke according to his friend and fellow comic Jim Norton. Norton announced it on Wednesday’s “Opie and Anthony Show” and went on to say” “We don’t know how he is,” Norton said. “We…

Andy Rooney Hospitalized In Serious Condition


Longtime “60 Minutes” essayist Andy Rooney has been hospitalized in New York after developing serious complications following a minor surgery last week. Just three weeks ago the 92-year-old Rooney delivered what he said was his final regular essay after doing…

Why Lindsay Lohan’s Judge Should Step Down


If you watched any amount of the coverage of Lindsay Lohan’s probation violations it’s fairly obvious that Judge Stephanie Sautner loves the spotlight and being the “hardline judge”. Her own personal opinions of Lindsay Lohan are obvious and if she can’t separate…

What Happened to Christina Aguilera


Check out these recent pics of Christina Aguilera performing at Michael Jackson’s tribute concert she looks like she’s been watching a little too much Jersey Shore.          Incoming search terms:christina aguilera weight