CBS Officially Renews Two And A Half Men


CBS has officially finalized a deal with all parties involved to bring back Two and a Half men for a likely 10th and final season.

If you recall the shows ratings have steadily declined since the show replaced Charlie Sheen with That 70’s Show star Ashon Kutcher. CBS intends to use the show which still gets decent ratings to help it’s freshman comedies find an audience with Two and a Half men serving as a Monday night anchor show.

As for the show’s former star Charlie Sheen his new show a sitcom based on the movie Anger Management is scheduled to begin airing on FX beginning next month.

I’m not sure if this was a good idea on CBS’s part because this show is so expensive that it doesn’t justify it’s renewal unless it cements a new shows position in the ratings. I feel bad for Jon Cryer and Agnus T Jones because baring a Charlie Sheen return this show is getting cancelled for sure after this 10th season.

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