CBS To Cancel CSI: Miami, Renews CSI: NY

horatio-caine-csi-maimi-canceledIt looks like CSI: Miami is getting killed off after 10 seasons by CBS according to our sources at the network. According to one high placed source at CBS the network just has too many really good shows this year and even though CSI: Miami is still performing decently in the ratings it’s not being renewed because it’s such an expensive television show to produce and has already are in the network more than enough money with its backend syndication deals.

CSI fans will still have the original CSI and CSI: New York to watch in order to get their television forensics fix because our source tells us even though it has not been officially announced yet both of those shows will be back next season.

CSI: Miami stars David Caruso and debuted all the way back in September of 2002 and will have more than 230 episodes when the final curtain closes. There are no plans to shop the show to other networks even though there will be tons of interest especially by NBC because of the loyal audience CSI: Miami has and how it fares better in the ratings than some of these networks long-running shows.

I know I’m gonna be missing Horatio Caine’s (David Caruso) bad puns as he takes off his sunglasses at the start of just about every CSI: Miami episode I can remember. Perhaps, they can find room on the other CSI shows for some of the popular characters even if it’s just for a guest appearance.

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