CBS to reboot The Brady Bunch


Crazy television news to report here report today! Apparently CBS and  Vince Vaughn have decided America is ready for a modern somewhat of a remake of The Brady Bunch.

Vaughn  confirmed Monday that he is working with CBS to develop a reboot of the campy and corny mixed-family sitcom, which aired on ABC from 1969 to 1974 with a modern day spin.

The multi-camera comedy project which at this time has received  a script order and a pilot pickup seems likely focuses on a adult and divorced Bobby Brady (the youngest son on the original  Brady Bunch), who now has kids of his own and is remarried to a woman with her own children much like the situation in the original show. The couple also have a baby together and maintain relationships with their former spouses.

The brilliant writer Mike Mariano (Raising Hope) has been picked to write this Brady Bunch revisiting, while the son of late Brady creator Sherwood Schwartz,  Lloyd Schwartz, Victoria Vaughn, Peter Billingsley and Vice Vaughn  will all executive-produce the show pending it’s pickup..

CBS is reportedly planning on bring back the Brady Bunch‘s  theme music but it apparently will have a modern-day twist, similar to the changes CBS made on their Hawaii Five-0 reboot’s opening song.

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