CBS Trying to Bring Back Two and a Half Men


Apparently somebody over at CBS decided that it would be a good business decision to bring back Two and a Half men for another season and possibly two more after that.

TWO AND A HALF MENSources tell us that CBS and Warner Bros. television has made offers to Ashton Kutcher and John Cryer in hopes of bringing the two back to work on the long-running show. The main hiccup right now is that the new contract does not provide any raises for the actors and reportedly asks for them to re-up at the same rate they did last season.

According to sources Ashton Kutcher makes approximately $700,000 per episode while John Cryer makes approximately $580,000 per episode and that’s a far cry from the $1.25 million per episode that Charlie Sheen was making before his meltdown and eventual firing.

The current proposal is probably just a starting point in negotiations will continue on and I expect each of the main stars to get probably a 10% bump in pay if they re-up for two seasons if not CBS and Chuck Lorre have made it perfectly clear they’re willing to walk away from the series altogether and just let it continue on in syndication. Word is that most of the people associated with the show would prefer it to and after next season and the whole two season contract may be a fighting point during negotiations.

I predict that it will be renewed for two more years because it is a cash cow for CBS and the current cast won’t be getting anywhere near the amount of money they currently are anywhere else. So let’s see if we suffer through two more years of Sheenless Two and a Half Men or not. Doesn’t really matter to me because I’m not going to watch it.

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