Charlie Harper Back On Two and a Half Men!

Two and a Half Men is bringing back Charlie Harper unfortunately however not Charlie Sheen. Show runner Chuck Lorre has decided since ratings pretty much stink on his TV show why not try to drum up some more business with some more Charlie Sheen controversy. In the upcoming April 30th episode of Two and a Half Men Kathy Bates will play the ghost of Charlie Harper and visit John Cryer’s character Alan in the hospital after he suffers a mild heart attack.

If you remember Two and a Half Men killed off Charlie Harper after show creator Chuck Lorre fired Charlie Sheen over the summer last year. Ashton Kutcher joined the show to replace Charlie in a way but with the exception of the first episode that hasn’t really worked out.

I don’t know about you but to me this smells like nothing more than a desperate way to get people to watch a sinking television show and I for one have no intentions of falling for such idiotic attempts to get me to watch. If they really wanted us to watch then maybe they should bring back Charlie Sheen, because from where I’m sitting Chuck Lorre is looking the half of man for letting his ego doom this television show.

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