Charlize Theron Adopts Baby Boy

Let me ask you this, if I would've told you last week that Charlize Theron would become a mom before Jessica Simpson ( who by the way looks like she's about ready to pop at any moment) you would've thought I was crazy. Today, however you would be eating your words. Charlize Theron announced today that she has adopted an African-American baby boy from the United States named Jackson.

Charlize is just the latest in a string of powerful Hollywood women who have adopted on their own without a male counterpart. It hasn't been announced how long Charlize had been working on the adoption but one things for certain this boy is extremely lucky to have such a loving mother. In fact members of the media were scolded for referring to Jackson as her adopted son because the star would like for everyone to simply refer to him as her son.

Stories like these are always wonderful to hear and hopefully it's just one of many good stories we are able to pass along to you online.

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