Chris Brown May Face Charges For Stealing Fans Iphone

Another day another chance for Chris Brown to show everyone just how much of an immature Ass he really is; this time the singer allegedly took a fans iPhone after she took a picture of him outside the South Beach club Cameo, countering emphatically that she would not post his picture "on no website", then drove off, Miami Beach police said.

Brown's eager fan was 24-year-old Crystal Spann of Miami, who told police she was inside Cameo during the early morning hours Sunday when she saw Brown and fellow artist Tyga leaving the night club through a side door. Spann and her friends followed Brown where she saw him get into his black Bentley, then according to the Miami Beach Police report. Spann approached Chris Brown and took a photo of him with her $500 white iPhone 4s while he was sitting the car.

Brown then allegedly reached through the window, taking the cell phone from her hands and said, "Bitch, you ain't going to put that on the website".

He then rolled up his window, and drove away with the cell phone. The police responded at 4:43 AM and listed the offense as "robbery by sudden snatching" and said the incident would be further investigated.

Sources say the state attorney's office is actually prepared an arrest warrant for Chris Brown. Tygra wasn't implicated and authorities also believe that Brown has since left Miami.

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