Christine Aguilera May Not Return To the Voice Next Season



 A reliable source told us today that there is a chance that Christina Aguilera may end up fired from her gig on NBC's The Voice because of her       alleged lack of professionalism towards those running the show and her costars.

Christina allegedly is constantly getting into spats with Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton and were told that they're getting tired of her and have been lobbying to have her replaced as a judge on the Voice. Show runners are allegedly upset that Christina is constantly late to the set often times showing up around two hours late and then before she can appear on camera she still has to go through hair and makeup. The guys at NBC apparently think it's ridiculous and disrespectful which is why they are considering giving Christina Aguilera the boot due to breach of contract.

I for one thing that the time has come to move on from Christina Aguilera and maybe bring in some other female to take her spot at the judges chair. A few names that pop in the mind of female singers who are currently looking for a television gig are Janet Jackson, Avril Lavigne, LeeAnn Rimes and Madonna just to name a few. Any one of those ladies would probably be better at being a judge on The Voice been Christina Aguilera and I'm pretty sure Janet Jackson and Madonna would probably bring in more viewers than Christina ever did.

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