Classless Lou Ferrigno stinks up Phoenix Comicon

Twitter and Facebook have been blowing up with postings from thousands of geeks who attended the Phoenix Comicon this weekend. While overall the Comicon was extremely enjoyable and a lot of attendees expressed their disappointment and even anger at the behavior of The Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno.

Here are a few samples of what angry  Phoenix Comicon attendees are saying about Lou:


The sad thing is there are literally hundreds of posts about Lou Ferrigno and his allegedly classless behavior and many fans are actually demanding that the people who run the Phoenix Comicon don’t bring them back. Way to go Lou you out douched former WWE wrestler Virgil on the Comicon circuit!




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  1. Thank you for whoever did this article me and my brother were at the Phoenix comic con this year and my brother is a huge Hulk fan so when we went to meet him he was shaking from excitement and when we got to him he charged us extra to sign my brothers action figure hulk and just basically pushed us away i didn’t even bother saying thanks to him and my brother was just crushed from what he did he almost wanted to go home. i really hope next time they wont even bother bringing him back at all.

  2. Wow.. I’m shocked. I didn’t try to get his autograph, but Lou was the ONLY celeb there who agreed to let me do an interview with him for the website I write for. Maybe I got treated different cause I’m “press”? But still, he was the only one who agreed.

  3. Lou is not nice at all, in line I asked his handler to cornfirm a signing of a print for my son, she said $40 which matched the listed price in the PCC con information. Once I got to Lou, he said that will be $100. Umm, I was quoted $40. He replied if you want ‘that’ signed it is a hundred, otherwise buy a picture and I will sign the picture for $40. I saw him later on the escaltor and he was yelling at fans trying to snag a picture. 100% Jerk.

  4. I was treated the same way, he didn’t care about anything expect for the money. He wanted to charge me $100 for his autograph because i had a “specialty” item. I argued with him basically telling him that he was a nobody and that Adam West did not charge that much for an autograph. Eventually I argued him down to $50 for his autograph and hand shake. It was one of the worst experience I’ve had with a celebrity. Lou Ferrigno is such a dbag. In fact my post that I had him autograph is inside my closet I can’t even look at it. Wished I never meet him now.

  5. I was at a autograph show in Burbank Ca with my wife, i am not a big autograph guy but we go once in awhile. It was dead there and i was walking around and literally there was 20 feet on both sides of me with no one around. I stop for a moment and someone walks into me, i turn around and Ferrigno had purposely walked into me and half pushed me. He was wearing his gay little fannie pack and smirked at me and kept walking. I hope i see that asshole again some day, i will get payback.

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