Coming Soon: Rambo 5


It seems that Sylvester Stallone just won’t let the Rambo franchise die. The action star is currently working on the script for a fifth installment in the Rambo franchise.

Stallone last reprise the role of his Vietnam veteran character Rambo back in 2008 in what wasRambo-movie-lm01 originally supposed to be the character sendoff but like anything else in Hollywood that made a quick buck they decided that they can get away with making one final installment in giving the character a more fitting sendoff.

Personally I don’t think this is a good idea. The only way I can see a Rambo movie actually being something people will watch and enjoy is maybe a reboot of the franchise but Stallone refuses to allow anyone else to touch his iconic role. At some point these over the hill action movie stars start to become extremely ridiculous in their roles and I half expect to see a movie with Rambo in a mobility scooter toting around an oxygen mask.

Sylvester Stallone should just keep with the original plan and make the last Rambo film the final in the franchise allowing for his character to go out before he looks too much like a geriatric grandpa.

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