Courtney Love Accuses Muppets of “Raping” Kurt Cobain

Just when you think this ladies fifteen minutes are up and she couldn't possibly do anything else really stupid Courtney Love opens up her mouth and prove you wrong.

Courtney Love is now accusing Disney of "rape" for their version of Nirvana's ""Smells Like Teen Spirit" from last year's smash hit Muppets movie.

Love claims that Disney used the song without her permission but apparently she doesn't even own the rights the song is owned by the company called Primary Wave Music. Representatives for Primary Wave Muaic say not only did the company grant permission for the songs use so did the two surviving Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. Also in case you missed it, Dave is actually in the Muppet movie.

It's kind of funny but part of me thinks no matter how much Courtney Love talks badly about Disney and the use of the song, I pretty much guarantee she won't hesitate when the time comes to cash the royalty check she'll get for her share of the song.

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