Crystal Harris Moves Back to Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner’s former fiancée and runaway bride Crystal Harris is moving back into the Playboy mansion after being away from the Playboy founder and his home for nearly a year.

Crystal_harris moves back in with Hugh HefnerWe spoke with a very reliable source close to Hefner who said that the 26-year-old Harris “begged and pleaded” with her 86-year-old former fiancée because with the flop of her singing career she needed money and a place to stay. When Crystal ran off on the eve of what would've been her wedding to Hugh Hefner she had just released a new single and was on the cover of the July 2011 issue of Playboy magazine so she probably thought she had a lot going for her. She didn't really realize it was Hugh Hefner and his loyal fans who were helping her career and once she left him the way she did they wanted no part of her.

Hefner's former number one girlfriend Shera Berchard decided to move out once she found out that Crystal Harris was moving back in. Hefner is a pretty crafty old fellow and probably already realizes that Crystal is only using him for a place to stay and money but I think he really enjoys being needed.

Hopefully, Hef wises up and kicked her butt to the curb.

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