CSI Casts D.B. Russell’s Wife


Fras1072CSI has cast Fraser star Peri Gilpin as a multiple episode guest-star as D.B. Russell’s (Ted Denson) wife Allison.

For more were told about the character, Allison was born into a wealthy California family but turned her back on all of that fancy living when she married Russell. Producers are saying the character will be Russell’s intellectual equivalent but also the woman who controls his heart and life. The plan is apparently to put Russell’s devotion to his wife to the test in the finale this season and reveal the background on the troubled relationship between Russell and Julie Finlay (Elizabeth Shue).

Were told that Gilpin is slated to make her first appearance in the finale of the 12 season of CSI which also marks the return of Conor O’Farrell as the undersheriff and Jaclyn Smith as Hodges mother.

CSI airs Wednesday evenings on CBS at 10/9 c on CBS. The finale is scheduled to air May 9th/

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