CW working on Charmed reboot

The CW network is attempting to put the ingredients of their past successes into the cauldron and have decided to order a one-hour pilot script prequel-ish reimagining of the former WB series Charmed. There is a serious chance of this show actually making it to air because it’s being run by former Jane the Virgin executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman.

The new series features an all new cast who hopefully don’t have any attitude issues like the last one. There are no clear connections to the characters portrayed by Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan, one of the new witches, however, does bear the same name as McGowan’s Paige.

The main cast is described below:

Tina: African American. Whip-smart, Tina is one dissertation (and one dissertation advisor) away from obtaining her PhD. She can be unemotional, even unapproachable, in awkward situations, but she picks up on everything and she is unquestionably making fast, accurate judgments about you.

Paige: Caucasian upbeat, voluptuous, wholesome and as all-American as the apple pie she can not wait to serve to the husband she’s yet to marry. Paige’s primary goal in life is to marry a rich doctor and be a wife and mother.

Annie: Caucasian. Intense, chic, and quick to anger. She dresses neutrally, although she could give two shits if you like her outfit, so stop questioning what “neutral” means. But below that tough façade, there’s a fragility. An individual desperate to be loved, and love somebody else.

Aside from “Charmed,” The CW’s other potential pilots for the 2017-18 season include Greg Berlanti’s immigration drama “Casa,” “Searchers” from “The 100” showrunner Jason Rothenberg, Tim Kring’s “Stick Man,” John Singleton’s “Straight Outta Heaven” and “Dynasty” and “Lost Boys” reboots.

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