Disney wants Chris Pratt to play Indiana Jones

Star-Lord a.k.a. Chris Pratt is having an amazing year. Disney who now own Marvel as well as Lucas Films have actually come up with a decent idea.

Disney is now hoping to snatch up Chris Pratt to play Indiana Jones for a supposed revamp of the series. Apparently, Disney now views the Indiana Jones franchise much like James Bond where the character is the important part and not just the actor who plays it. After all Harrison Ford who will forever be Indiana Jones in most people’s minds is pushing 73 years old, and definitely is not quite up for the action-adventure like he once was.

While this is not set in stone yet, Disney would like to have Harrison Ford on board before handing off the character and he was recently quoted as saying if anyone were to play Indiana Jones other than him it should be Bradley Cooper. I for one can see Pratt hitting one out of the park if he were to take on the Indiana Jones role.

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