DJ Qualls Says He Was Beaten Up by a Vancouver Police Officer

This morning at 4:08 A.M. DJ Qualls who plays Davey Sutton on TNT's Memphis Beat went to his Twitter to report: "Was beaten by a Vancouver Police Officer for no reason. Got stitches and released." (Qualls, who was in  Vancouver shooting an episode for the CW networks  Supernatural.

 After leaving a café on Vancouver's Granville Street, Qualls witnessed a "multi dude fight," as he put it. Once police came and apprehended the brawlers, Qualls, who had seen one of the guys punch a girl, attempted to point the man out to an police officer. "He said if I didn't get out of there, he'd arrest me, I asked why and he tackled me, busted my face and handcuffed me." For half an hour, he says, the cop kept yelling, "you think you're fucking better than me?"

Eventually an ambulance came to take Qualls to the hospital, where he wound up paying an $800 emergency room bill. (4:34 a.m. tweet: "Free healthcare, Canada?") He did, nevertheless, get the policeman card and so made sure all 6,000 plus of his followers knew the aggressor's name: Officer Brian Trklja. By early this morning, Canadian newspapers had published comments from the city's police force requesting that Qualls call them. 

Here's what Constable Lindsey Houghton speaking to the Vancouver Sun had to say:

Obviously we're aware of the complaint that he's made via the media and we've reached out to him. Despite not hearing from him we've proactively started an investigation."
So perhaps justice will be done after all. But Qualls is in all likelihood already feeling a little better about the whole situation, considering the incident netted him 600 new Twitter followers in just under one hour.

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