Déjà vu: Morrissey Cancels Tour Again

Here’s something everyone probably saw coming. Morrissey has once again pulled a Morrissey and called off all upcoming concert dates for his U.S. tour. In an online statement, Morrissey’s team Morrissey_2014_American_Tour_cancelledsaid, “The respiratory infection Morrissey contracted in Miami has worsened, and in the interest of making a full recovery,” the Smiths front man needs to go home with his sniffles and disappoint his fans yet again. The statement goes on to say, “Morrissey thanks his fans for their compassion, understanding, and well-wishes during this difficult period as he recuperates.”

For some of the cities on his tour like Chicago this cancelation marks the fourth time in a row Morrissey has bailed on doing a show there. Morrissey had eleven dates remaining on this North American run, including stops in New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C. No word yet on when these will be rescheduled and then probably canceled again. Bottom line is you probably have a better chance of seeing Elvis again in the U.S. than Morrissey in my opinion.

F.Y.I His reps also announced that tickets will be refunded at the original point of purchase.

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