Dog the Bounty Hunter Awarded Custody Of His Abused Grandson

Duane Chapman better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter has been awarded custody of his nine-year-old grandson Travis after a judge decided there was enough evidence to prove the boys father was abusing him. Dog’s grandson is the son of daughter Barbara-Katie Chapman, who passed away in 2006 and Travis Timms Senior.

Among the evidence is a recording showing the boy’s father cursing, smacking the nine-year-old repeatedly, and the child crying begging his father to stop.

The famous bounty hunter claims he doesn’t want to keep his grandson away from the boy’s father he simply wants him to take parenting classes to teach him how to parent without abusing his child. That may be dangerous because most of the time abusers are never truly rehabilitated so it young Travis is ever returned to his dad he may be in mortal danger.

I too was the victim of abuse and fill for the boy and hope that he stays with his grandpa. Good luck Travis things like this should never happen to any town.

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