Dr. Conrad Murray Sentenced To Four Years For The death of Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray has been convicted of killing the King of Pop Michael Jackson and sentenced to four years in jail today.

Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor scathingly described Dr. Murray as “reckless”and someone who is a “danger to the community” with “no sense of remorse and no sense of fault” for the death of the famed musician. The judge went on to call Dr. Murray a disgrace to the medical profession.

The judge also ruled that Dr. Conrad Murray would have to pay restitution to Michael Jackson’s estate but that amount determined at a later date. Murray must also pay a $800 fine, a $30 court security fee, and a $40 criminal conviction assessment.

Although convicted and sentenced to four years Murray will not serve a single day in prison instead, his time will be served out in the LA County Jail and the overcrowding that sentence may be cut in half with the possibility of some of what he does serve taking place under house arrest.

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