Dr. Dre Apologizes

With the popularity of Straight out of Compton, there’s a lot of pressure from people who know the real history that glossed over of Dr. Dre’s misogyny and violence towards women.

Dr. Dre just recently apologized “To the women he’s hurt in the past” it seems to me like the it’s a preemptive measure before it blows up in his face “It was a different time back then” One of his former victim said and some of the women abused included a former girlfriend, a hip-hop journalist, and R&B singer just to name a few.

There seems to be a rash of celebrity, and former celebrities, past wrongs being hashed out and exposed (pardon the pun) on social media. It seems like nobody’s dark secret remains a secret when it comes to the Internet. Dr. Dre’s the latest, this includes the child porn investigations on Jean Simmons and Jared Fogel home computers, Bill Cosby’s rape allegations, the “power couples” whose marriage falls apart due to infidelity: I give you the example of Megan Fox and Brian Greene along with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

Is there such a thing as too much information now? There was a time for publicists prepared statements in order to “guide the story”although still statements are still released, public opinion has already formed before they have a chance to respond. I give you the example of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, when they divorced Jesse James was already cast in an unflattering light, while Sandra Bullock was cast as the injured party. We don’t know what exactly happened, other than the infidelity, we don’t know if they were able to work it out or not. Sometimes divorce is more reactive than anything.

Perhaps there is the age of Too much information, although it is good for sharing ideas among peers, it might be bad news for celebrities especially celebrities who value their privacy. For better or worse we will see what the future holds.

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