Drug Used to Fight Alcoholism May Have Caused Amy Winehouse’s Death

What turns out to be rather sad news. A prescription drug that is mainly used to treat alcoholism may have led to Amy Winehouse’s death, the UK singer’s father said late Friday.

Recording the debut episode of Anderson Cooper’s new talk show (airing Monday, Sept. 12) Mitch Winehouse disclosed that Librium had been discovered in his daughter’s bloodstream, in addition to as traces of alcohol. Mitch thinks his singstress daughter, who passed away on July 23 at the age of 27, suffered a seizure induced by alcohol detox, and that “there was nobody nearby to rescue her,” according to the AP.

“Everything Amy did, she did to excess,” Mitch said. “She drank to excess and did detox to excess.”

Despite her public bouts with drugs and alcohol, the beehive-rocking soul artist had been making progress with her recovery, Mitch added. With a doctor’s assistance, she was enjoying longer periods of sobriety, although treatment occasionally brought about seizures.

While Mitch admitted he’s only speculating about the cause of death, more answers could come next month, when a full inquest is due to begin. No matter what led to his daughter’s premature passing, Mitch insists the ‘Rehab’ singer was not defined by her demons.

“When she wasn’t drinking,” he said, “she was absolutely on top of the world.”

Regardless the music world is still morning the passing of one of it’s top soul singers.

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